September 8, 2004 – News at a Glance

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Fletcher Allen cuts management jobs
The state’s largest hospital is cutting 30 management jobs as part of a sweeping reorganization plan. The shake-up requires current employees to reapply for jobs as some positions have been changed or eliminated. (VPR)

Vermont to study NH drug reimportation plan
Governor Jim Douglas wants to send a group of state officials to New Hampshire to study their new prescription drug reimportation plan. But it’s unlikely that the plan will be duplicated in Vermont because the federal Food and Drug Administration says the New Hampshire initiative is illegal, and Governor Douglas has said he will not break the law. (VPR)

Democratic candidates for Lt Governor discuss health care
The two Democrats seeking the party’s nomination for Lt. Governor say they both support the implementation of a single payer health care system in the state of Vermont but they disagree on how quickly this system should be put into place. (VPR)

Saxtons River plans to incoporate
Within the town of Rockingham, the tiny village of Saxtons River population about 500 will celebrate its 100th anniversary next year. And it looks like residents will be doing so as an incorporated village not as part of a proposed unified town that would be created by a merger with Rockingham and the village of Bellows Falls. (VPR)

Vermont prisoners struggle to find housing
A 49-year-old Vermont prison inmate has completed his 20 year sentence for his third sexual assault conviction, but he’s back in jail because he can’t find a place to live on the outside. A condition of Douglas Bryant’s release was that he report his address to authorities. The case points up a finding in a recent report on overcrowding that said some inmates remain in jail simply due to a lack of housing on the outside. (AP)

Entergy Nuclear applies for power boost
Entergy Nuclear has filed all the necessary documents with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in its application to boost power by 20 percent at Vermont Yankee. The NRC now must respond to petitions from the Vermont Department of Public Service, which has engineering concerns about the power increase, and from the nuclear-power watchdog group, the New England Coalition. (AP)

Vermont animals get their own census
It’s time for Vermont’s cows and horses and other farm animals to stand up and be counted. The state Agency of Agriculture is due to conduct a census of Vermont’s farm animals this fall as part of a national plan to help prevent the spread of disease. (AP)

Vermont revenue collections strong so far
Vermont is off to a strong start for revenue collections in the fiscal year that began July first. General fund revenues exceeded expectations by nearly 8% for the month of August, following a solid performance in July. (AP)

Woman pleads guilty to defrauding Vermont bank
A 30-year-old New York City woman has pleaded guilty in US District Court to defrauding Vermont banks by using counterfeit credit cards. Dierdre Johnson was charged with joining another woman last October in traveling through Vermont and using counterfeit Discover cards and phony New York state driver’s licenses to make cash withdrawals from banks. (AP)

Hartland teen faces up to 30 years in prison
A Hartland, VT teenager could face a maximum of 30 years in prison for crashing her car into a motorcycle and killing the two people riding it. Eighteen-year-old Jessica Johnston was arraigned yesterday on two counts of gross negligent operation of a motor vehicle in connection with the May 20 accident. (AP)

Campaign spending figures for Leahy and Sanders
Senator Patrick Leahy already has spent more on his re-election race than he has in any of his previous contests. Campaign finance reports show Leahy has raised more than $2.4 million, and he’s spent more than $1.3 million. The most he’s spent up to now on a race was in 1998 when he faced token opposition and spent slightly more than $1 million. Vermont Congressman Bernie Sanders’ campaign spending is approaching the levels of 1996. That was the year when he faced a stiff challenge from former Republican state Senator Susan Sweetser. The latest campaign finance reports show Sanders has raised $619,000 and spent $548,000. He still has $692,000 dollars in the bank (AP)

Lamoille teacher still faces calls to resign
The Lamoille Union High School board is trying again to deal with controversy involving a teacher who had sex with a teacher’s assistant in a classroom. The board met privately for an hour last night and has asked two district administrators to meet with Wayne Nadeau and his lawyer. Nadeau has resisted calls for his resignation. (AP)

Non-criminal charges filed against St. Johnsbury police chief
Saint Johnsbury Police Chief Paul Devenger is being charged by the town with conduct unbecoming a police officer. The charges stem from Devenger’s role in a May automobile accident that involved his twin brother, a state police detective. Conduct unbecoming is not a criminal charge and the town select board will decide what to do about it. (AP)

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