September 30, 2004 – News at a glance

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The Fall Forest: balancing interests in the woods
This week and next during Morning Edition, VPR goes into the woods to take a close look at the fall forest. Today we visit Chelsea for a conversation with Virginia Barlow, a forester since 1990 who strives to achieve a delicate balance among varied interests, including loggers, environmental officials, and land developers. Mitch Wertlieb spoke with Virginia Barlow at a logging site, where she began by describing the condition of the forest during this current autumn season. (VPR)

Vermont group aids craftspeople hit by hurricanes
Since 1985, a small Vermont-based non-profit has been helping craftspeople recover from natural disasters. The Craft Emergency Relief Fund has been especially busy in the wake of a series of hurricanes that have hit the southeastern U.S. (VPR)

Federal funds for Vermont State Hospital
By early winter, the Douglas administration expects to win back about four million dollars in federal funds for the Vermont State Hospital. But that solution is only temporary. The federal government has told Vermont it will eliminate funding for the hospital entirely within two years. (VPR)

Youth interest in election on the rise
Secretary of State Deb Markowitz says she believes a higher number of young people will turn out to vote on Election Day. Traditionally, about 25 percent of all voters in the 18 to 25 age group go to polls. But Markowitz says there are signs that this trend is about to change. (VPR)

Dubie criticized for missing debates
Vermont lieutenant Governor Brian Dubie is defending his decision to skip some candidate debates and forums scheduled in the coming weeks. (AP)

Fletcher Allen extends military benefits
The state’s largest health care provider is joining the state in ensuring that employees don’t lose money on their salaries when they’re called up for military duty. (AP)

Barre public safety building
Critics of a new public safety building under constructing in Barre say they’ve collected 400 signatures on a petition calling for a halt to construction. The petition was delivered to the City Council on Tuesday by Tom Lauzon, a candidate for the council. (AP)

Utility workers go to Florida
More Vermont utility workers are headed to Florida to help that state clean up after its series of hurricanes. Green Mountain Power sent ten line workers, a mechanic and a supervisor. Central Vermont Public Service has more than two dozen workers in Florida. (AP)

Sea lampreys
The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department is seeking changes to its permits so that it can kill sea lamprey in the Winooski River this fall. The river was scheduled to be treated last fall, but water levels and temperatures could prohibit the treatment this year. (AP)

Cell antennae on church
Members of Saint Mary of the Star Roman Catholic Church in Newport can now see what cellular phone antennas would like in their church towers. Three antennas have been installed temporarily. Verizon Wireless plans to install six permanent antennas in the church’s two steeples. (AP)

Trono dies at 56
Washington County State’s Attorney Terry Trono has died. Trono died last night at his home in East Montpelier after a nearly two-year battle with cancer. He was 56 years old. (AP)

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