Senators back retail development legislation

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(Host) Twelve senators are backing legislation that would help communities plan for large retail development.

The bill would set a statewide cap on new big box stores at fifty-thousand square feet. But it says that communities could change the cap if they have zoning by-laws or other procedures in place to regulate the development.

Senator President Peter Welch is a lead sponsor of the bill.

(Welch) “It’s really important that when there are economic forces that are powerful – not that they be resisted, but we deal with them in way where there’s an opportunity for Vermonters to take control of their own destiny and not just be rolled over because big money is on its way. And this is about a community empowerment.”

(Host) The Senate Economic Development Committee plans to hold hearings on the legislation this fall, and then work early next year to pass the bill.

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