Senate GOP candidates differ on Iraq war policy

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(Host) The three Republican candidates for the U.S. Senate have different views concerning the war in Iraq. The candidates appeared Thursday night on VPR’s Switchboard program.

Burlington businessman Jack McMullen says he supports president Bush’s decision to invade Iraq:

(McMullen) “I think it’s preferable to be dealing with our shadowy enemies on their own turf with our volunteer army than it is to be dealing with them here in the United States with our firefighters and police.”

(Host) Retired engineer Peter Moss of Fairfax says he’s very opposed to the war in Iraq and he supports a national referendum on this issue:

(Moss) “The war is a fraud and a bloody waste of blood for oil and the referendum is important because the conservatives have hijacked the government. They’re using Bush and Cheney and Karl Rove to direct the country in the wrong direction.”

(Host) Landmark College associate professor Ben Mitchell says he’s never been, nor will he ever be, a Republican and he entered the GOP primary specifically protest the war in Iraq:

(Mitchell) “The unprovoked invasion and colonization of Iraq was such an egregious event that I feel that people of conscience are obligated to act, to stand against what I think is a growing fascist movement in the federal government.”

(Host) The winner of next Tuesday’s Republican primary will face incumbent Democratic senator Patrick Leahy in November’s general election.

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