Senate Bill Would Raise License and Registration Fees

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(Host) The Senate on Wednesday afternoon gave its preliminary approval to legislation that increases dozens of motor vehicle fees in order to raise almost ten million dollars for a variety of local road and bridge repair projects.

Under the bill, the cost of registering a car will jump from $42 a year to $49, a four year license will rise from $20 to $30 and fees for special vanity plates will also go up.

Windsor Senator Peter Welch says many of the fees have not been adjusted since 1989 and Welch says the goal of the bill is to help reduce the burden on local property taxes:

(Welch) “We’ve had stories from people in every county in the state about local roads that are in dramatic need of repair and you know it gets worse. One thing about highways is, if you postpone maintenance ¿ you defer it too long ¿ ultimately it will catch up with you. And by the time you do it, it ends up costing two, three, four times as much if you did it in a timely way.”

(Host) The legislation is expected to come up for final consideration in the Senate on Thursday. A similar bill has already been approved by the House.

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