Sen. Jeffords will support Democratic candidates in Senate race

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(Host) Independent US Senator Jim Jeffords says he plans to actively campaign for Democratic Senate candidates this fall.

That’s good news for the Democrats because a new survey conducted by the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee found that Jeffords is one of the most recognized members of the US Senate.

He’s also widely admired by Democrats for his decision to leave the Republican Party in the Spring of 2001 – a move that threw control of the Senate to the Democrats for a year and a half.

Last month, Jeffords attended a number of high profile Democratic fundraisers and he says he’ll do all that he can in the coming months to help bring the Democrats back as the majority party in the Senate:

(Jeffords) “This is a critical one to make sure that the country does not drift further into deep trouble as they have with the budget and all the money that’s been spent, and more importantly all of the money that’s been given back to the wealthy in tax cuts that are going to prevent us from having billions of dollars that we would have normally through the taxation. Our country’s in real trouble. Of course we have a war, too, which definitely is a problem. So we’re going to be in real trouble if this administration continues to do what it wants to do.”

(Host) Jeffords says he’ll continue his policy of not campaigning against incumbent Republicans. Only one GOP incumbent, Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski is viewed as being highly vulnerable.

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