Seeking Mutual Aid In Irene Relief

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Some Vermont towns sent public works crews and others to help towns that suffered flood damage.

But now, they’re looking for the state to help them with insurance.

For example, Middlebury sent two dump trucks to support Rochester, which was one of the 13 towns that were initially isolated from the rest of the state.

Middlebury also sent police officers to secure that town’s cemetery. It also helped in Brandon.

Now, Middebury Town Manager Bill Finger worries that there is no provision in state statutes to protect towns who offer each other mutual aid for public works assistance.

So the town has requested that the Vermont League of Cities and Towns work with the Legislature to make it easier for communities to help each other out.

You can find the minutes of Middlebury’s select board meetings and much more municipal coverage on VPR’s Public Post.

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