Second school evacuation drill sees success

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(Host) Officials say they’re pleased with Tuesday’s school evacuation drill in the towns closest to the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant. The drill was a second try after an earlier exercise that left students waiting for school buses that failed to arrive.

Students didn’t participate in Tuesday’s drill. But emergency planners say there were more than enough buses for the 3,800 students in the district. Jerry Remillard is Brattleboro’s town manager and emergency planning director:

(Remillard) “At this point I don’t know of anybody that didn’t get the resources they needed. I think that, as with anything, that we see a few things that we’re going to have to look at but the important thing is that the buses got there in the time we expected them too. So we’re pleased with that.”

(Host) Remillard says the next step is an unannounced school evacuation exercise.

Residents of the towns near Vermont Yankee have asked for a drill that also includes day care centers, hospitals and nursing homes. Remillard says those components will probably be tested separately before they’re added to what would be a much larger drill.

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