Seatbelt campaign responds to recent accident deaths

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(Host) Vermont Highway Safety officials are launching a $15,000 TV campaign to remind motorists to use their seat belts. Federal transportation funds will be used to purchase ad time on several TV stations in Vermont.

Highway Safety Executive Director Jeanne Johnson says her panel decided to run the spots because there’s been a spike in traffic fatalities in the last three weeks in the state. Nine Vermonters have died in traffic accidents and seven of the victims weren’t wearing seat belts:

(Johnson) “These are real Vermonters who are having family catastrophes. And since we know that seat belts are so effective, it’s the one thing that Vermonters can do. It doesn’t cost a dime, that can save a lot of lives. Some crashes are not survivable but a lot of them are and seat belts are 50 percent effective in reducing death and injury. And if everyone buckled up we could save a lot of lives.”

(Host) The ads feature Lieutenant Governor Brian Dubie. Dubie, who’s a commercial airline pilot, is seen in the cockpit of a plane telling viewers that he never takes off without using his seat belt. As he gets behind the wheel of his car, Dubie says the same rules apply when heading out on the road.

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