School Gets Left Out After Testing Company Misplaces Exams

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(Host) Education officials will be announcing the results of some state test scores later this week.

But a group of third graders at Deerfield Valley Elementary School in Wilmington may feel left out.

VPR’s Neal Charnoff explains.  

(Charnoff)  The New England Common Assessment Program tests, or NECAPs, are given each fall to public school students in four states, including Vermont.

The tests are administered by Measured Progess of Dover, New Hampshire.

Apparently, one carton of tests from Deefield Valley Elementary School has gone missing. 

According to Prinicipal Rebecca Fillion, Measured Progess won’t exactly say the tests are lost, they just can’t locate them. 

So the state has decided to not give the school an Adequate Yearly Progress evaluation this year.

Fillion says that while the NECAPS are important, the school has alternative methods of tracking student progress. 

(Fillion) "We realize that its just one piece of a puzzle, its just one level of assessment that we use for students, in order to do a good job educating our kids here at Deerfield Valley, we’re really using lots of assessments."

(Host) The Commissioner of Education, Armando Vilaseca, has sent a letter to parents explaining what happened.

Fillion says she hasn’t yet heard from any parents, but the third graders have expressed some disappointment.

(Fillion) "Of course they’re bummed because it is three days worth of testing, and that’s a lot for them, so Measured Progress was really kind to make a donation to our school library, and the third-graders were excited to find out that I was going to employ them to help me pick some books for our library." 

(Charnoff)  Fillion says that while there will be no immediate impact, she is concerned that the missing scores will make it difficult to track student progress down the road. 

For VPR News, I’m Neal Charnoff. 

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