Sandy Blew Through Rutland, But Left Little Damage Behind

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Green Mountain Power had warned that the Rutland area might be especially hard hit by last night’s storm, but the city weathered the storm well.

(Keck – in car) "So I’m driving through Rutland. It’s about 4:45 in the morning and it’s actually fairly calm out. There’s a light rain, still a lot of cloud cover, but the wind has died down considerably and there’s not a lot of debris in the streets at all. I’ve come across very few branches no trees and no downed power lines."

(Prouty) "It’s nice that we planned for the worst and we didn’t have to use all our resources."

(Keck) Sergeant Matthew Prouty of the Rutland City Police Department says they met with the mayor, and the city’s emergency response team last evening and had double shifts on duty just in case. But thankfully he says it was a quiet night.

(Prouty)  "We had an issue right around 10 o’clock where the wind was really howling pretty good here in the city and we thought we may have some issues but everything worked out. The wind is going to continue throughout the day today til about 11 am, I believe the wind advisory is going to be in effect. So we’ll still be vigilant on that part. But hopefully it continues the way it has."

(Keck) Red Cross volunteers at Rutland Regional Medical Center said only three people checked in to the emergency shelter at the hospital.  Upstairs, staff working in the emergency department said they too had a quiet night.

Andrew McMahon worked the overnight shift at Dunkin Donuts in Rutland, one of the few businesses in the city to stay open during the storm. He says most of his regulars stayed home. He saw a lot of utility workers come through and they ordered lots of coffee.

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