Sanders Will Continue Effort to Amend Patriot Act

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(Host) Congressman Bernie Sanders says the fight to roll back portions of the USA Patriot Act will continue, despite the defeat last week of legislation to limit the government’s ability to obtain information from libraries and booksellers.

Sanders led a coalition of conservative Republicans and Democrats who had fought for the amendment. Sanders says grassroots support is so deep that when portions of the Patriot Act come up for reauthorization next year he says there’s an “opportunity to win this fight”:

(Sanders) “And when we do it, we’ll strike a tremendous, tremendous blow for the U.S. Constitution, for democracy and for the rights of American people to feel free that when they walk into a library or when they walk into a bookstore they can take out a book without worrying that government agents are monitoring what they’re reading.”

(Host) Sanders spoke at a news conference with Vermont booksellers and librarians who said they are gathering thousands of signatures on petitions that support Sanders’ legislation.

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