Sanders urges Kerry to chgoose progressive running mate

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(Host) Congressman Bernie Sanders says Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry could improve his chances of winning in November by selecting a running mate who’s taken strong progressive positions on the key issues facing the country.

Some Democrats are urging Kerry to pick Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona to be on the Democratic ticket as vice president. Sanders, who’s strongly backing Kerry’s presidential campaign, doesn’t think that McCain would be the best choice.

Sanders made his comments Thursday night on VPR’s Switchboard program:

(Sanders) “The advantage of somebody like McCain is, McCain is very popular and I think would take a lot of Republican votes and be politically very good. The negative of it is, on many issues as much as I personally like and respect McCain, he is quite conservative and that’s what Kerry is going to have to deal with.”

(Host) Sanders says Kerry should pick a progressive running mate who will bring excitement to the ticket:

(Sanders) “If he is going to win, the turnout is going to have to be very large. I think that Kerry would be well advised to find some progressive who can articulate a progressive vision and rally working people, lower income people and young people who so often are giving up in the political process.”

(Host) Sanders declined to list any candidates who he felt would make a good running mate for Kerry.

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