Sanders supports Pelosi as House minority leader

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(Host) Congressman Bernie Sanders says he strongly supports the election of California Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi as the new head of the Democrats in the U.S. House. Pelosi, who replaces Missouri Congressman Dick Gepthardt, is the first woman to be elected as the head of a congressional political caucus.

Pelosi has been a member of the Progressive Caucus in Washington, a group that Sanders help organize more than 10 years ago. Sanders says Pelosi will be a strong advocate for families and working people:

(Sanders) “She is one of the people in Congress who, along with myself and a number of others, says that you don’t sit by idly while corporations run to China and employ people there for 20 cents an hour, and in the process lay off millions of American people. So I hope that with Nancy’s leadership we’ll have more discussion about the need to reform our disastrous trade policies. And I think that will be a really important step forward for the middle class of this country.”

(Host) Sanders, who is an independent, has been able to gain seniority in Congress through his affiliation with the Democratic Party.

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