Sanders says Republican filibusters barring progress

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(Host) Senator Bernie Sanders says if his colleagues worked a little overtime they might accomplish more.

Sanders and the Democrats complain they haven’t been able to enact some of their top priorities because Republicans have blocked them.

(Sanders) “The Republicans brought forth more filibusters – I think the number was 62 – in this last year. That’s more than has ever been brought forth, more filibusters, than in any two-year session of the Senate.”

(Sneyd) The filibuster is a device that allows senators to prolong debate on an issue endlessly. It takes 60 votes to end the debate. And the Democrats generally can’t get that many votes.

So Sanders has a solution.

(Sanders) “My suggestion has been and will be to the majority leader and the Democratic leadership: They want to filibuster, let them filibuster. Let’s keep that place going 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Let’s be prepared to take them on. Let the American people have a better understanding of what’s going on there.”

(Host) Sanders says the extra hours of work might encourage more senators to vote for cutting off debate.

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