Sanders Says Congress Must Act Quickly To Approve FEMA Funding

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(Host) More than 4,200 Vermonters have registered with the Federal Emergency Management Agency for relief from the floods.

Senator Bernie Sanders that underscores the need for Congress to act quickly to appropriate money to refill the coffers at FEMA.

That’s become a political debate in Washington because some political leaders say that any money that goes to FEMA should be offset by cuts elsewhere in the federal budget.

Sanders says thinks the public supports funding recovery everywhere from Missouri to the East Coast from this year’s disasters.

(Sanders) "I think people all over the country understand we have to rebuild that community. And I think people all over America understand that Vermont, New Jersey, North Carolina suffer serious damage, we’ve got to do that, as well."

(Host) Sanders has been among political leaders who have toured the flood damage across the state.

He says a lot of the cost of the damage is still being totaled up. But he believes the total will be staggering when it’s all accounted for.

(Sanders) "It is hard to estimate what the total cost of the rebuilding of these communities will be. But I will not be surprised if you’re talking close to a billion dollars."

(Host) State and federal officials have avoided giving a number for the total cost because they say they simply don’t know the true total, yet.

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