Sanders likely to vote against homeland security bill

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(Host) Congressman Bernard Sanders says it’s likely that he’ll vote against legislation that expands the authority of the Homeland Security Agency when the measure comes up for a vote later tonight on the House floor. Sanders says he’s concerned that the bill gives the U.S. military the ability to arrest civilians. He says the bill also removes the independent status of the Emergency Management Agency, and reduces the rights of workers.

Sanders supports the idea of a Homeland Security Agency but he thinks this bill goes in the wrong direction:

(Sanders) “But I do not think that we have to give up basic civil liberties as we fight terrorism. I think we can fight terrorism effectively and maintain the rights which make us very proud as Americans. And there are aspects of this legislation, aspects of other efforts that the president has brought forth, that concern me very, very much. But the bottom line is, no. I do not believe that we need the military in this country to be acting as police officers arresting American civilians and that concerns me very much.”

(Host) Sanders says he hopes the Senate will pass a different version of this bill and that he’ll be able to vote for the compromise plan that emerges from a conference committee next month.

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