Sanders calls vaccine importation ‘hypocrisy’

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(Host) Congressman Bernie Sanders says a decision by the Bush administration to purchase additional flu vaccines from England clearly demonstrates that it’s possible to import safe drugs from a foreign country.

Sanders is a strong backer of a plan that would allow consumers to purchase their prescription drugs from Canada. However the Federal Food and Drug Administration has opposed this plan.

The FDA says importing drugs could pose a safety hazard and thereby jeopardize the health of consumers. Sanders says the Bush administration is applying a double standard in this case:

(Sanders) “It shows the hypocrisy of the situation. Nobody doubts that the FDA can make sure that prescription drugs coming into this country from Great Britain or from Canada can be made safe, and that we can buy them for a fraction of the price that we’re paying right now. And the Bush Administration’s efforts to bring in these flu vaccines from Great Britain is just the perfect example of what can be done.”

(Host) Sanders says he’ll work to bring a drug re-importation bill to the floor of the U.S. House next month.

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