Same-sex marriage advocates say California case could advance their cause

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(Host) Advocates of same-sex marriage say a decision by the California Supreme Court last week should help their cause in Vermont.

The California court ruled that a domestic partnership system for same-sex couples was unconstitutional.

Middlebury attorney Beth Robinson says Vermont’s civil union law also fails to give equal rights to gay and lesbian couples.

(Robinson) “The California court asked the question that we’ve been asking in Vermont in the last few years, which is, `Is that enough? Can you create a separate box for gay people and is that OK?”’

(Host) The Vermont Freedom to Marry Task Force will push the Legislature to legalize full marriage rights for same-sex couples next year.

Robinson says she believes lawmakers will act once they hear the personal stories of members of the Task Force.

(Robinson) “I think Vermont and every other state in this country absolutely will. It’s really not a question of whether in my mind, it’s a question of when. I certainly hope that Vermont, which has always been a leader on important issues, including civil rights issues across a range of areas, I hope Vermont maintains its position as a leader. And I hope Vermont acts sooner rather than later to get this done.”

(Host) Massachusetts is the only state where same-sex couples can currently marry. California will become the second -unless voters adopt a constitutional amendment to ban marriage.


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