Rutland Water Supply Affected By Flooding

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(Host) In Rutland, the city’s water supply has been affected by the flooding.  

City officials say the inlet structure at the Mendon Brook has been destroyed, so it’s unable to draw fresh water into the reservoir.

Lewis Hotaling with Rutland’s Department of Public Works. He says the reservoir now holds about 90 million gallons of water:

(Hotaling) "The city has about a 30 day supply of water in our reservoir and supply tanks. Water quality will be up to our normal excellent standard. No need to boil water at this time." 

(Host) Hotaling says the city is asking residents to conserve water as much as possible:

(Hotaling) Please do not wash cars …gardens don’t need watering…and every time you go to use water, please ask yourselves ‘Is this really necessary at this time?’"

(Host) Hotaling says Rutland plans to have at least a temporary system up and running within the month.

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