Rutland Voter Turnout Light

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(Host) In Rutland City, voter turn out was very light and with no hot button issue, many described this year’s elections as a non-event. There were few candidates running for local office and no contested school board races.

Six candidates ran for five seats on the Board of Aldermen. The five who won were all incumbents.

David Allaire, who also serves Rutland in the state House of Representatives, was the top vote getter, followed by Bill Gillam, Sharon Davis, Roy Thomas and Gregory Thayer. Twenty-one-year old challenger Johanthan Mihal was not elected.

Al Wilkinson ran unopposed for a one-year term. He was appointed to the Board by the mayor in January to fill the seat of outgoing Board President Christopher Louras.

School board veterans Michael Dick, Debra Morrow and Bruce Bishop and newcomer Wayne Cook all won uncontested races for the city school board.

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