Rutland struggling with unemployment

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Host) December is a tough time to lose your job. Just ask the 210 employees at Metrogroup – a direct mail company that will be closing its doors in Rutland next month.

As VPR’s Nina Keck reports, the job prospects for many of them are mixed.

(Keck) Larry Sudlow is regional manager for the Department of labor in Rutland. He believes most of the people at Metrogroup will be able to find new jobs.

(Sudlow)"I’m a little more optimistic than some other people. We’ve got several companies that are really growing and trying to hire people and fortunately, they they’ll be able to take advantage of hiring some of some of these layoffs. "

(Keck) But Karin McGrath, head of human resources at Carris Reels, a local manufacturer that employs about 180 workers in Rutland, isn’t so sure. She says she met many of the MetroGroup workers at a recent job fair and sympathizes with their situation.

(McGrath) "I would have loved to have hired all of them. Unfortunately we only had a few positions open. And I just think they are going to have a hard time finding jobs – especially at a comparable pay level and benefit wise."

(Keck) Rutland County has a 4.2 percent unemployment rate – that’s a bit higher than the rest of the state, but still lower than 4.7 percent national average.

For VPR news, I’m Nina Keck in Rutland.

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