Rutland saddened by death of local artist

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(Host) People in Rutland were saddened to learn about the death of well known Castleton sculptor Patrick Farrow, who police say took his own life Monday night.  

VPR’s Nina Keck reports.

(Keck) One of Patrick Farrow’s best loved sculptures is a fixture in downtown Rutland.   It’s of a dog tied to a parking meter by an invisible leash.   You know there’s a leash because the dog is straining with all his might to get away.  Today, there was a yellow ribbon around the statue with a note that read simply goodbye Patrick.    At the nearby Chaffee art Center, Rutland artist and children’s author Mary Crowley says Farrow’s death hits hard.

(Crowley) "It’s an incredible loss, for the family, for the grandchildren, for the art community, for all of us."  

(Keck) West Rutland sculptor and foundry owner Glen Campbell says Patrick Farrow became a trusted mentor and was a big reason he went into the arts.  

(Campbell) "I could have done a number of things – and  because I had the opportunity to go to his studio and he was kind enough to take on – I think I was in 9th grade at the time – and just to show me his studio and talk to me about art.  That changed my direction."

(Keck) Friends describe Farrow as a very complicated, very talented man who loved to talk about politics and current events and felt deeply about his community.  Patrick Farrow, who was 66, is survived by his wife of many years Susan and two daughters.  

For VPR news, I’m Nina Keck in Rutland.   

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