Rutland mayoral race draws steady stream of traffic

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(Host) The weather may have kept some voters home, but VPR’s Nina Keck says polling places in Rutland have been seeing a steady stream of traffic today – in a large part because of the hotly contested mayor’s race.

(Nina) At the Godnick Senior Center in Rutland, many voters said they liked having so many choices – a record six candidates for mayor – 14 for the City Board of Aldermen. Even the treasure’s job is being contested – a first in 60 years. Rutland city residents Dana and Andrew Notte think it’s a positive sign for the city.

(Notte) “I think it’s a great thing that there are a lot of people running, because it gives us a lot to choose from. But I think it’s an indicator that people are realizing that there are some problems in Rutland and everyone’s trying to help by saying, I’ve got a plan.’ And so it just shows the level of the problem by how many people are running for all the positions.

(Keck) Rutland City resident Guy Rotella agreed.

(Rotella) “It does give me hope in that they’re noticing the problems and they’re being activists.”

(Keck) City resident Steve Benson says there have been a lot of interesting ideas put forth by the candidates, but

(Benson) “We’ve heard a lot of these things before. The proof is in the institution of these ideas and without cooperation I don’t think they can happen.”

(Keck) Now Benson and other city residents will have to wait and see.

For Vermont Public Radio I’m Nina Keck in Rutland.

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