Rutland City Treasurer Wendy Wilton Runs For State Treasurer

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Rutland City Treasurer Wendy Wilton officially kicked off her campaign for Vermont state treasurer on Monday.

She was joined by former Governor Jim Douglas, Republican gubernatorial candidate Randy Brock, and Rutland City Mayor Chris Louras.   

Wilton has served as Rutland city treasurer since 2007.  Before that, the 53-year-old Republican served two years in the state Senate representing Rutland County. 

She said the state has not scored as well as it should on transparency in government, something she thinks the state treasurer’s office can help with.

"I think people are really asking, the public is asking, for greater information about how we spend our money as a state," Wilton said. "I will be committed to do that, to bring that information to them.  I have done that for the city of Rutland. You can see every line of our accounting system of what’s being spent."  

Brock, a former state auditor, said before Wilton became city treasurer, Rutland’s audits were among the worst in the state.

"And now for the first time in some 30 years, Rutland has an unqualified financial statement, an unqualified audit," Brock said. "And Wendy deserves a great deal of credit for putting Rutland’s finances where they ought to be."

Wilton is running against Democrat Beth Pearce.  Pearce was appointed state Treasurer by Gov. Peter Shumlin when Jeb Spaulding became administration secretary.


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