Rutland Business Leaders Weigh Benefits Of Competing Bids For CVPS

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(Host) Rutland’s top business group is trying to judge the competing bids for Central Vermont Public Service Corporation.

The Rutland Region Chamber of Commerce says its top concerns are low rates and reliable power.

But CEO Tom Donahue says the chamber also worries how Rutland’s business community would be affected by the separate bids from Fortis and Gaz Metro.

(Donahue) "They’ve always been an integral part of this community in so many ways. When you’re talking about CVPS being sold to a different company, that’s one of those things that we as a community take very seriously."

(Host) The chamber of commerce has already concluded that the Fortis proposal would be good for Rutland.

That’s because the company from Newfoundland would maintain the CVPS headquarters in Rutland and retain most of its staff.

But the chamber isn’t sure, yet, what to make of the Gaz Metro bid. It does have concerns, though, because Rutland would no longer be the utility’s headquarters, and some of its employees would be let go.

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