Rutland Aldermen Urge Police Commission To Fire Bossi

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(Host) The Rutland Board of Aldermen is urging the city’s police commission to fire Police Chief Tony Bossi.

In a letter, aldermen give the commission until May 1st to follow through.

Aldermen say the Board and Rutland City voters have lost faith in both the police chief, and the commission, which oversees police business. 

Bossi came under fire this year for the way he handled an ongoing criminal investigation of one of his officers, who was part of another investigation for having allegedly viewed pornography while on duty.  

Board of Aldermen President David Allaire says the city must now work hard to regain the voter’s trust. 

(Allaire) "We feel that the only way to do that is to have a new start in leadership, and that means a new police chief."

(Host) According to the city charter, only the police commission has the authority to remove the police chief. 

The letter urges "in the strongest possible terms" that the commission take action. Allaire says there might be an alternative if the commission doesn’t follow through.

(Allaire) "If that doesn’t happen, then the Rutland City Board of Alderman will undertake a discussion about a possible charter change to either dissolve the police commission or modify the police commission."

(Host) Allaire consulted a city attorney, who warned that dissolving the police commission would still not give the board of alderman legal authority to fire the chief of police.  Allaire says that he would like to seek an outside legal opinion.    

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