Rockingham passes town budget, Guard resolution

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(Moderator) “All those in favor say aye.”
(Voters) “Aye!”
(Moderator) “Opposed, say no”
(Moderator) “The ayes appear to have it, the ayes do have it, and you have adopted Article 6 in the amount of $3,031,162.”

(Host) The town of Rockingham was among dozens of towns across the state that held town meetings on Monday night. Voters unanimously passed an essentially level-funded town budget after some scrutiny and a minimal amount of haggling.

School board member Fred McGinnis voiced concerns that are likely to be echoed around the state at town meetings on Tuesday.

(McGinnis) “When’s it going to end? It’s like this town’s been given a credit card and we’re just going to max it out. I’m really concerned about where we’re headed and when it’s going to end.”

(Host) Selectman Chairman Lamont Barnett countered that Rockingham is doing well.

(Barnett) “And I think if you look around you and you see the accomplishments of this community in the last five or six years, it’s been dramatic. We are now held up as the poster child around the state of communities that can get it done. And for any of us who are long time residents or natives, that wasn’t always the case with Bellows Falls.”

(Host) Voters also passed an article questioning the use of National Guard troops in Iraq.

Rockingham voters weigh in on Tuesday on a number of Australian ballot items. Those include the school budget and a $2.8 million bond issue for renovations to the town’s town hall-theater complex.

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