Rocker Trey Anastasio spends two days in upstate jail

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Former Phish rocker Trey Anastasio spent last weekend in an upstate jail after he violated the conditions of his drug treatment program.

Anastasio pleaded guilty in April to attempted criminal possession of a controlled substance. The 42-year-old admitted he was in illegal possession of painkillers without a prescription when he was pulled over for a traffic stop in December 2006.

The Richmond resident was ordered to participate in the Washington County Drug Court treatment program, which including making weekly court appearances for 12 to 15 months. He also had to perform community service and was subject to drug testing.

Authorities say Anastasio was sanctioned for an unspecified violation of that drug court contract and had to stay in the Washington County jail last weekend.

Sheriff Roger Leclaire said the musician’s two days were uneventful and he spent them in general population.

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