Resolution invites Killington to secede to New Jersey

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(Host) The Vermont House engaged in free-wheeling debate on April Fool’s Day, about the future of the town of Killington.

Last month, residents in Killington voted to secede from the state of Vermont and align with the state of New Hampshire. Thursday afternoon, lawmakers considered a resolution that asks voters in Killington to reconsider their decision and instead become part of New Jersey- a state that would love to have a large ski resort.

The resolution said that New Jersey might be eager to have a four-season resort. It suggests that the ski area could be named after one of the state’s celebrities such as Bruce Springsteen, Frank Sinatra, or Martha Stewart.

But the name of a fourth celebrity, a popular rock singer, confounded Burlington Representative Bill Aswad. Aswad asked one of the sponsors of the resolution, Brattleboro Representative Sarah Edwards about this mystery person:

(Aswad) “I’m familiar with who the Boss is, I’m familiar with Old Blue Eyes, I’m familiar with Martha Stewart. But I wonder if the member could inform as to who Bon Jovi is?” (Sound of laughter.)

(Host) House Government Operations Chairman Cola Hudson asked the House to send the resolution to his committee for further study to see if his panel “could restore Killington’s faith in their mother state.” Hudson said if his committee was unsuccessful in this task, they’d send Killington anywhere they want to go. The House, on a voice vote, accepted Hudson’s request.

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