Reports describes role of tourism in state’s economy

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(Host) According to a new study, tourism in Vermont has become a billion and a half dollar industry that accounts for 10 percent of all jobs in the state. The study measured the impact of tourism on the state economy during 2003.

The research found that visitors made almost 13 million trips to Vermont and that seven million visitors spent at least one night during their stay. These visits added $180 million to the state treasury through the rooms and meals, sales and gasoline taxes.

Tourism Commissioner Bruce Hyde says the study provides important information about the significance of the state’s tourism industry.

(Hyde) “It’s real important, I think, for people to realize that tourism is really an economic engine for the state of Vermont. We are far more dependent – and this is the first real research that we have – we’re far more dependent on the visitor for our economy in the state of Vermont than virtually 45 or 46 other states. So it’s a huge economic engine for the state. I know over the last year or two that we haven’t gone through the peaks and valleys of the national recession and all, and it’s strongly attributable to our dependence on the visitor economy.”

(Host) Hyde says one of the biggest surprises of the study is the large number of Canadians who make day trips to Vermont.
The commissioner says these visits account for two-thirds of all visitor day trips that are made to the state.

Hyde says he hopes to use the results of the study to fine-tune the state’s overall tourism marketing plan.

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