Report Urges Pro-Active Approach To Obesity

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(Host) A report issued by the Vermont Attorney General’s office urges a pro-active approach to combating obesity in Vermont. 

The Healthy Weight Initiative recommends ideas the state could explore to encourage healthy lifestyles, and offers suggestions for raising revenue to defray the cost of obesity.

Dr. Harry Chen is the state’s Health Commissioner. 

He says the report acknowledges a cultural environment that encourages people to eat unhealthy foods, and to not get enough exercise.

(Chen) "To solve that we’re going to have to make a cultural change, and the Attorney General’s report really acknowledges that, whether it be in retail stores , whether it be in schools, whether it be in workplaces, or whether it be with eating with the family at home." 

(Host) The report offers revenue-generating ideas for encouraging healthy lifestyles.

You can read the report here.

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