Rep. Metzger to leave for National Guard duty

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(Host) One member of the Legislature had a surprise announcement on the first day of the new session. Milton Representative Doran Metzger told his colleagues that he’ll miss the first year of the session because his Vermont National Guard Unit has been called up for active duty.

The Guard unit is being sent to Alabama next week and then is expected to be deployed to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Metzger says he has no thoughts of stepping down from his House seat and that he’ll follow the work of the Legislature over the Internet:

(Metzger) “I’m not resigning my seat. I was elected this year to do a job. Vermont is facing many difficult issues, especially economic issues. My father was one of the people laid off in the second cut at International Business Machines in Essex. I’m looking to have an effect on some of these issues over this biennium.”

(Host) Metzger says he expects to be back at the Statehouse next January for the second year of the session.

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