Remembering Election Day 2006

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(Host) The election’s over, but the voices of November are still in our ears.

This morning we take one last look.

Here are some of the voices we’ll remember from Election Day 2006.

(Sanders) “The people of Vermont have told America that they are sick and tired of right wing extremism and President Bush and Vice President Cheney. This state is going to move America in a very different direction!”

(Tarrant) “I think we really did run a good campaign. But the fact of the matter is we were running an uphill battle. We had a Republican problem in Washington that didn’t go our way. The state has spoken, we need to congratulate Congressman Sanders and wish him the best in Washington because he does represent us.

Let’s talk a little about losing move on.”

(Brock) “We knew that he would run a strong campaign, and would be a strong challenger based on both the kind of year we expected it to be, the fact he was the son of a former governor, which clearly had name recognition which is very, very important in a down ballot race.”

It was a very tight race. But we tell people to go out to the polls and vote, because every single vote is important. And what this illustrates is that every single vote is important.”

(Malek) “They didn’t vote for me because the structure of the system is set up to support two political parties.”

(Douglas) “So I’m so proud of what we’ve done. I’m proud of the progress we’ve made, but we can and must do better. That’s why this campaign is centered on the affordability agenda. And I’ve received overwhelming support from the people of Vermont endorsing this vision for an affordable Vermont. It is a clear mandate for Vermont to become an affordable place to live work and raise a family.”

(Symington) “I think that from day one I hope that the governor gets the message this time that he needs to work together with us and not sit on the sidelines and wait until we’ve finished our work and then weigh in.”

(Stimpfel) “I’m really optimistic. I think Bill Carris is a superb candidate. He is a businessman. He has created jobs. And his philanthropy in the area — he is a tremendous senator already and he’s not even a senator yet. He’ll do a great job in bringing Rutland to where it really needs to be in Vermont.”

(Supporters) “Peter! Peter! Peter!”

(Welch) “You know politics is about Vermonters, about what their hopes and aspirations are. And I got them involved in the debate about the future of our country. And I think they sent a clear message that they want a change in direction in Iraq and a change in direction on the trickle-down policies and that they want to pursue policies that help middle income and working families.”

(Welch) “One, I want voters and Vermonters to say, Peter Welch answers his phone, when we have a problem, he’s accessible.’ And, number two, He helped change the direction of the country.'”

(Rainville) “We set a new standard for how political races that can be won. We can have races that focus on the issues, races that we can be proud to have our children involved in, and hopefully races that will encourage our young people to get involved in their community, to get involved in politics, to one day serve their state and their nation in the highest offices. There’s a lot of work to be done.”

(Howard Dean comments)

(Dubie) “I’ve never worked harder in my life than being your Lt. Governor. (Cheers) And I’ll make you another promise. I’m not gonna sit behind a desk all day when I can go out and meet with Vermonters.”

(Host) Voices from Vermont during this week’s election. Among the voices were Senator-elect Bernie Sanders, Rich Tarrant, Auditor Randy Brock, Marvin Malek Governor Douglas, House Speaker Gaye Symington, Congressman-elect Peter Welch, Martha Rainville and Lt. Gov Brian Dubie, voters at the polls and the State Street kindergarten class in Windsor.

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