Reiber confirmed as Supreme Court chief justice

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(Host) The Vermont Senate has unanimously confirmed Paul Reiber as Chief Justice of the Vermont Supreme Court. For the past 15 months, Reiber has been serving as an associate justice on the court. Reiber replaces Jeffery Amestoy who stepped down from the court last year.

Senate President Pro Tempore Peter Welch told his colleagues that he hopes Reiber will play a leadership role in helping the state develop effective strategies to reduce prison overcrowding:

(Welch) “We are going to need an active, vigorous leadership from the chief justice in making changes in the administration of justice to better serve and more economically serve the needs of Vermonters. And that’s a, I believe, somewhat new dimension to the responsibilities of the chief justice and time will tell how well Justice Reiber does in that aspect of the job.”

(Host) Reiber’s appointment to chief justice creates another vacancy on the court. The state’s judicial nominating board is reviewing possible candidates for the post.

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