Red Sox trophy arrives in Montpelier

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(Host) Several hundred die hard Boston Red Sox fans braved some very cold and blustery weather this afternoon to witness the arrival of the 2007 World Series trophy at the Statehouse.

VPRs Bob Kinzel was there and filed this report:

(Douglas) "There’s our trophy – how about those Red Sox!!)

(Kinzel) With a small police escort, the 2007 World Series trophy was brought to the Statehouse and unveiled to a group of adoring fans.

The ceremony marked the second time that the championship trophy has come to Montpelier in the last four seasons. The first time was after the Red Sox won the 2004 World Series – a development that marked the end of 86 years of frustration for Boston baseball fans:

(Douglas) "Many of us have been fans for a lifetime and we’re thrilled to death 3 years ago we had an opportunity to enjoy a World Championship figuring that it would only happen once but now it’s happened again it’s happened a second time and we’re proud of our team !"

(Crowd cheers "Three, three, three")

(Kinzel) After the Governor spoke, Wally the Green Monster, the team’s mascot, posed for pictures with many of the children in the crowd.

Colin Burch represented the Red Sox organization at the Statehouse ceremony:

(Burch) "You guys are part of Red Sox nation you guys are the lifeblood of the organization and for our fans it’s so exciting we’re able to share this trophy with you."

(Kinzel) Inside the Statehouse, the trophy was placed on a table directly in front of a Christmas tree in the center of the main lobby so that fans could have their picture taken with it. Ginnie from Montpelier patiently waited her turn:

(Ginnie) "It’s just a huge thrill I only get to see the Red Sox play once a year and I was in France this year during the World Series and I don’t think I would have gone if I’d known the Red Sox were gong to be in the Series but I should have had more faith seeing the trophy today and Wally is just wonderful."

(Kinzel) The championship trophy arrived in Montpelier at a time when a steroid scandal has rocked the world of baseball. Last week, a special commission chaired by former Maine senator George Mitchell identified more than 80 former and current players who are alleged to have used steroids and or human growth hormones.

The Governor says he’s disappointed that some players apparently chose to use these drugs:

(Douglas) "Throughout the years we look at the championship players who’ve been in the Hall of Fame and set records and done it because of their own skill and training and hard work and then see others who apparently had a chemical boost to achieve some of what they’ve accomplished it’s very disappointing I hope the Mitchell report will end that era in baseball."

(Kinzel) Team officials plan to take the World Series trophy to several other communities in New England and they promised to return to Montpelier the next time the Red Sox win the World Series.

For VPR News I’m Bob Kinzel in Montpelier.



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