Red Cross, Towns Manage Support For Flood Victims

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(Host) Across the state Saturday, Vermonters have been trying to lend a hand to flood victims.

At least one donation center in Waterbury was inundated and had to stop accepting items by midday.

Red Cross officials in the state say that — as generous as Vermonters are being — donations of materials goods are difficult to sort and match with people who need them.

The Red Cross recommends people contact the local town manager or emergency response coordinator to ask what is needed before making donations. And they say financial donations are often the most effective way to help.

Rochester was one of the 13 Vermont communities that were cut off from the rest of the state. This morning more than 100 volunteer firefighters from across the region were helping residents in need of immediate assistance.

Annie Mackay lives in Rochester and owns an art gallery downtown. Mackay set up a Website to keep a running list of those organizations and individuals who’ve offered assistance over the course of the week.

(Mackay) "We’ve had to keep them sort of at a bay until now just because we’ve really wanted to understand our full need and see what our firefighter volunteers could accomplish and they have accomplished a great deal."

(Host) Mackay says the town is also raising funds online to support several of its low-income residents who’ve been affected by flooding.

Rochester’s Flood Relief Website

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