Rain Adds To Flood Woes

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(Host) A wet weekend and soggy forecast means no quick relief for flood-weary residents along Lake Champlain.

While the lake level has receded from record highs last week, the National Weather Service is forecasting a crest of 102.5 feet by Tuesday or Wednesday, keeping it more than two feet above flood stage. 

Brooke Taber is with the National Weather Service.

He says additional rainfall means continued headaches for homes and businesses in flood zones near the lake.

(Taber) " The main impact is going to be the prolonged record lake level through probably the end of May now, and it’s just prolonging the flooding along the lakeshore and continuing to keep the soil saturated across most of Vermont and Northern New York."

(Host) Taber says the saturated soil means any additional rainfall goes directly into the runoff and into the Champlain Valley basin.

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