Quebec Faces Flooding On The Richelieu

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(Host) Flooding has been a concern not only on Lake Champlain, but also along the Richelieu River in Quebec, where waters have risen to an all-time high. 

Yvan Leroux is a director with the Quebec Ministry of public safety. 

He says it’s difficult to gauge how many people have been affected by the flooding. 

(Leroux) "Affected it’s tough to say, but evacuated around 1000, and flooded around 3000 houses." 

(Host) Leroux says about 260 soldiers with the Canadian Forces have been building and reinforcing barriers along the river.

That number is expected to double in the next 24 hours.  

Leroux says Canada has a variety of resources to help those affected by the flooding.

(Leroux) "We have the agency like for psycho-social help, we have also Canadian Red Cross who are here to help the people, but every other place it’s the police here, to be sure that all is made in security, we helping people also for give them money to be sure they can be re-localized and also they can make a cleaning of the place when they can be back." 

(Host) Leroux says that a shift in wind direction and speed will help to quickly lower the water level. 

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