Program Encourages Homeowners To Clean-Up Stormwater

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(Host) This is the time of year when toxic blue-green algae problems begin to crop up in Lake Champlain.

Now, a new program has been launched to reduce the phosphorous that feeds the algae when it washes into the lake in stormwater runoff.

The group Lake Champlain International has introduced a certification program that will help homeowners and others clean up the stormwater that runs off their property.

James Ehlers is executive director of Lake Champlain International. He says it’s fairly easy for homeowners to become certified, by taking some simple steps to improve the quality of the water that washes away:

(Ehlers) "Just really, some simple behavioral changes is all that it takes to become certified at a basic level – redirecting downspouts, and dealing with pet waste and use of pesticides and fertilizers."

(Host) Ehlers say people may also need to make some small fixes-such as replacing gutters or adding rain barrels – in order to make their homes "watershed friendly."

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