Power Surge Darkens Burlington Airport Runway Lights

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(Host) Officials at Burlington International Airport say a power surge caused the runway lights to go out for more than four hours Wednesday night, forcing the cancellation of a number of incoming and outgoing flights. 

Airport Operations Manager Richard Varney says technicians had the lights back on early Thursday, but some outgoing flights still had to be cancelled because those planes had not been able to land in Burlington. 

Varney says it was a highly unusual incident that took some time to troubleshoot. 

(Varney) "The lighting circuit is very much like the string of Christmas tree lights that you wrap around your Christmas tree, in that when you take one light bulb out, all the lights go out.  We had four out.  So that complicated the troubleshooting process and the time it took to restore the lights". 

(Host) Varney says technicians are still trying to determine the cause of the power surge.

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