Power Restoration Could Take Weeks

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(Host)  Across Vermont, tens of thousands of households are without power. CVPS, the state’s largest utility said Monday evening that a little over 28,000 of their customers are still without power.

Utilities arranged for additional crews to be in the state to deal with the aftermath of the storm, but washed out roads are preventing utilities from reaching areas that have outages.

Steve Costello is a spokesman for CVPS, the state’s largest utility:

(Costello) "Ultimately depending on the recovery effort as far as state roads and town roads being rebuilt it may be weeks before some customers get electricity back because we simply can’t get to them." 

(Host) Costello says utilities are working with the Agency of Transportation to assess the best ways of reaching customers. He says no one in their company can remember this kind of storm damage:

(Costello) "It really is unprecedented damage in the history of every person here, maybe the flood of ’27 was worse than this but no one in the company has seen so many roads washed out, so many poles washed out and so much infrastructure literally disappeared." 

(Host) Customers should take precautions not to touch downed powerlines.

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