Power plant coming to Ludlow

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A new wood-chip-fired power plant is coming to the town of Ludlow. Access Energy says the plant will generate twenty megawatts of power.

Bob McLanahan is president of Access Energy. He says the plant will provide clean, renewable power that meets the requirements of a new state law mandating utilities to purchase some power from clean energy sources.

(McLanahan) “We will take wood that is harvested according to sustainable forestry practices and we’ll combust it in a boiler. And in addition to that, we’ll have electro-static precipitators which will reduce any particulate matter. So it’s a resource which would naturally decompose in the forest and we are utilizing that resource to generate electricity. So instead of the decomposed wood being emitted in to the atmosphere without beneficial use, we’ll use that in a process to produce electricity.”

(Host) McLanahan says he’s confident the project won’t be held up in the permitting process. Access Energy hopes to have the plant up and running by 2008. The firm estimates the plant will cost $45 million, and will create about 150 jobs during construction and 20 permanent jobs.

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