Power companies to fund renewable energy projects

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(Host) Vermont’s two largest utilities want to use a grant program to jump-start small-scale renewable energy projects. Governor Jim Douglas says the power companies will offer more than one million dollars for renewable energy efforts, including systems that convert farm waste to methane.

(Douglas) “I think it’s a part of our energy future. It’s certainly small scale, it’s Vermont scale. But I think we can find opportunities on farms and with small scale wind projects to provide a portion of our energy needs in the long term. I was pleased to sign the renewable energy bill last year to incent this. And I think as we plan our energy future we need to look at all possible sources, and renewable energy sources can certainly be a part of that picture.”

(Host) Central Vermont Public Service Corporation and Green Mountain Power are both offering the funds for the energy projects. The money comes from insurance rebates that the utilities received after the sale of the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant. The Public Service Board ordered the companies to find ways to use the rebates to promote renewable energy development.

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