Possible Source Of Yankee Leak Identified

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(Host) The source of leaking radioactive tritium may have been found at Vermont Yankee.

The Health Department says a pipe tunnel carrying a drain line was unearthed at the plant early this morning.

A substantial crack was found both in the concrete tunnel and in a plastic pipe that surrounds and carries the drain line, and radioactive materials were found in the vicinity.

Bill Irwin is the state’s radiological health chief.

(Irwin) "This is actual indication of some kind of leakage has occurred here. Now the exact location of the leak is a bit unknown. Until they do actual leak testing with some water to replicate the conditions … they won’t know that this is actually the path of leakage."

(Host) That testing will take place this weekend. Radioactive steam has been isolated and is no longer flowing through the pipes that are suspected of leaking.

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