Popular Vermont event is put on hold next year

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(Host) One of Vermont’s most popular summer events will not be held next year.

The Vermont Historical Society says its put the annual history expo on hold for a year because it’s become too expensive to stage, especially in difficult economic times.

VPR’s Steve Zind reports.

(Zind) For the past nine years, the Vermont History Expo has drawn thousands of people over two days to see speakers, demonstrations, displays and reenactments.

But with the economy in recession, potential donors and sponsors have told the historical society they can’t provide as much financial support as in the past. Now the society’s board of trustees decided to cancel plans for next year’s expo.

Tess Taylor of the historical society says even before the recession hit it was clear the society couldn’t continue to raise the more than $90,000 needed to stage the event.

But Taylor says the historical society is still committed to continuing the expo.

(Taylor) "It may not look exactly the same. It might not be as huge. But I believe that we’ll still have expo, it might not be every year. People love it too much."

(Zind) Taylor says the historical society plans to bring the expo back in some form in 2010.

The event has served as a showcase for local historical societies. Taylor says at least ten new ones have been created since the expo began – and she credits the expo with creating a renewed interest in local history.

For VPR News, I’m Steve Zind.


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