Pollina’s switch may force donation returns

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Gubernatorial candidate Anthony Pollina’s recent switch from Progressive to Independent may force him into giving back some of his campaign contributions.

The Vermont Secretary of State’s office has told Pollina that about 34 of his contributors gave him more money than is allowed for candidates not running as a member of a political party.

Director of elections Kathy DeWolfe says her office realized last week that some of the contributions already received by Pollina’s campaign exceeded allowable limits.

Independents are limited to $1,000 from individuals per election. Candidates from political parties are allowed $1,000 per individuals for primaries elections, and an additional $1,000 for the general election.

Last month, Pollina announced he was switching his party affiliation from Progressive to Independent.

Giving back $28,000 in contributions could be a problem for Pollina. His campaign finance report last month said he had less than $23,000 on hand.

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