Pollina Will Not Seek Public Financing

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(Host) Progressive Anthony Pollina announced on Friday afternoon that he will not seek public financing in his race for lieutenant governor this year.

The Democratic Party has asked Attorney General Bill Sorrell to disqualify Pollina from receiving any public funds because the Democrats allege that Pollina received key poll information prior to February 15. That’s the date that candidates seeking public funds can begin their campaign efforts.

Pollina asked a federal judge to block Sorrell’s investigation arguing that this provision of the law is unconstitutional but the issue was referred back to the attorney general.

Pollina says he will not seek public money because the entire issue has become too great a distraction for his campaign:

(Pollina) "I think that the opposing parties and others simply decided that they were going to pull out the big guns and try to distract us from our campaign and try to move us away from talking about important issues. And once we realized that that was happening, we decided it was not where we want to go."

(Host) Pollina says he’s confident that he will be able to raise enough money from private contributions for his race.

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