Pollina campaign raises $100,000

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(Host) The gubernatorial campaign of Progressive Anthony Pollina says it’s raised $100,000 in contributions and pledges in the last two months.

Burlington Representative Chris Pearson, who is helping to organize the Pollina campaign, says it’s a good start.

(Pearson) "Last time Anthony ran it took us eight months to raise this money. This time we’ve done it in eight weeks. I think that’s a very good beginning. We have a nice foundation to start ramping up our campaign. And, of course, we’ve got to keep raising a lot more money. We’re probably never going to match Douglas‘s fundraising abilities."

(Host) Earlier this month, Pollina said he would be a candidate for governor this year. He said he hopes to get Democratic support for his campaign, to help avoid a three-person race with Republican incumbent governor Jim Douglas.

Despite Pollina’s declaration, several Democrats say they’re still considering entering the contest.

Pearson thinks Pollina’s early fundraising efforts send an important message to Democrats.

(Pearson) "It tells me that people are excited about Anthony. They’re excited to see Progressives and Democrats working together. And they’re particularly interested in seeing a vigorous challenge to the governor."

(Host) Former ambassador Peter Galbraith is one of the Democrats who’s considering the gubernatorial race. He’ll discuss his future political plans today on Vermont Edition.


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