Police Ramp Up Holiday Enforcement

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Vermont State Police are ramping up their focus on drunk driving through the holidays. A national effort targeting drunk drivers began on Friday and goes through January first.

Police say driver impairment and lack of seatbelt use are the biggest contributors to traffic deaths.

Seventy-four people have died on Vermont roads in 2012.

Lieutenant John Flannigan is commander of the traffic safety unit for the State Police.  He says that’s slightly above the recent average of 72 traffic deaths a year.

"We’re right around that area and we’re trying to make a strong push through the end of the year to try to keep that number where it is. We don’t need anymore deaths on our highways."

Flannigan says more ‘driver-miles’ also contribute to more fatalities, among other factors.

"Things like fuel, the economy, weather – we did experience a mild winter towards the end of last year. Those are things can have an effect on those miles, as well as the death rate."

Vermont State Police say they’re working to end the year with no more traffic fatalities

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